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Pointe Pest Control is committed to keeping your home pest-free in every season. Our team of experienced and state-certified technicians are dedicated to providing safe and effective pest control services for the Western Illinois and Eastern Missouri areas. If a pest problem is not completely resolved after a visit, our technicians will return until it is eliminated.


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Roaches in Illinois

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Initial Service

We use EPA-approved products that target multiple pests without the use of dangerous chemicals.

7 Total Treatments

Our team will complete a scheduled return visit 7 times in the calendar year to treat once again.

Pest-Free Guarantee

With this service, we treat Cockroaches and over 40 different pests. We always guarantee our results.

Contaminated Cockroaches

Preventing Undemanding Roaches

Pointe Pest Control Knows Cockroach Control

Effective, pleasant, and swift

After a heavy rain one of my tenants saw a cockroach, after the inspection it was confirmed it was highly unlikely that roaches would be living in the building but I wanted to go forward with preventative maintenance. I liked their communication, they were effective, pleasant, and swift.

Darren Levey
Arlington Heights

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