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Pointe Pest Control is committed to keeping your home pest-free in every season. Our team of experienced and state-certified technicians are dedicated to providing safe and effective pest control services for the Western Illinois and Eastern Missouri areas. If a pest problem is not completely resolved after a visit, our technicians will return until it is eliminated.


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Stink Bug Prevention

We use liquid treatments and exclusion work to keep stink bugs out.

Treat to Protect

We spray 3 feet up and 3 feet out from the affected areas in order to prevent each pest.

Pest-Free Guarantee

Between our thorough inspections and effective treatments, we guarantee you will enjoy the results.

Box Elders vs. Stink Bugs

Boxelder Bugs
  • Dark brown to black coloring
  • Flat oval body with red-orange markings
  • Half of an inch long
  • Mouth parts can puncture human skin
  • Lay 12 red eggs per specific placement; averaging about 350 eggs total
  • Eggs hatch 2 weeks later and molt until they become adults in the summer
  • Congregate on trees and release pheromones to attract others
  • Eat seeds, leaves, plums, and apples
  • Secrete a yellow staining dye when threatened
  • Gather in a warm spot before going to their overwintering home together
  • Seek out a warm place, preferably concrete, for their overwintering home
Stink Bugs
  • Brown to green in color
  • Shield-shaped body with metallic spots
  • 14 to 17 millimeters long
  • Can cause allergy symptoms in humans
  • Lay 20 to 30 green eggs on the underside of leaves; averaging about 400 eggs total
  • Eggs hatch a few days later and molt multiple times until they become adults in the early fall
  • Do not always congregate outdoors
  • Eat fruits, vegetables, grains, and leaves
  • Secrete odorous spray when threatened
  • Invade warm spaces and release pheromones to draw in more stink bugs for the winter
  • Seek out a warm place, preferably dark and hidden, for their overwintering home

Stink Bug Prevention

Pointe Solves Stink Bugs

Highly Recommended

Pointe Pest Control is highly recommended for their service and professionalism. We had stink bugs, which neighbors told us could never be resolved by hiring an exterminating company. We have not seen 1 bug since they started servicing our house. Keep up the great work PPC!

Gayle Young

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